On-Demand Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
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Company Information
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About us
Company Information
Company Name On-Demand Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
Founded 19th October, 2006
Management Kazuhide Tatakahama, President and CEO
Capital Five Million Yen
Address Head Quarters and Development Center
2nd Floor, Space 369 Building, 449 Daiba, Mishima-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan 411-0803
Mishima Plant
292-6 Mishima-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan 411-0833
TEL 055 (955) 7551, Japan
(+81) 55 (955) 7551, Outside Japan
FAX 055 (955) 7552, Japan
(+81) 55 (955) 7552, Outside Japan
E-mail takahama@ondemand-lab.co.jp
What We Do (Nature of Business)
1. Design, Development and Manufacturing of Thermal Printers, RFID Peripheral Equipment, Image Recognition Devices, Specially Ordered Products, etc.
2. Design and Development of Factory Automation Equipment and Facilities.
3. Design and Development of System Software for PC and related Equipment, Handy Terminals, etc.
4. Design, Development and Test Manufacturing of Mechanicals, Hardware Circuits, PC Boards, etc.
and exclusively ordered Firmware.
5. Exclusively ordered Development work related to the above (from proposals through installations), Consulting, etc.
Our Development Staff
Our Hardware, Mechanical, Software (Firmware and System), Development staff are ex-Toshiba TEC veterans of each field with longer than 20 year experiences.
Introduction to Takahama Kazuhide’s Background
April, 1975 Entered Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Now Toshiba TEC Co., Ltd.) and since then in charge of Research & Development
1998 Appointed Senior Manager of Bar Code Engineering Dept., Distribution Information Systems Div.
September, 2006 Departed from Toshiba TEC Co., Ltd.
October, 2006 Inaugurated On-Demand Laboratory Co., Ltd.
as President and CEO
President and CEO's Responsibilities and Achievements
- Electronic Scales, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) System Equipment, Facsimile Systems
- Thermal Direct/Transfer Printers, Impact Dot Printers, Bar Code Printers
- Business Use Color Printers, System Product Planning
- Image Compiling System using Digital Camera
- In charge of Product Planning and Development of RFID (Read & Write, Supplies, Systems), etc.

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