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Care Label Printer CLP-200W CCC certified


The CLP-200W double-sided two-color care label printer is equipped with two heads and can print one front / one back.
Non-stop cutter and automatic descent type stacker are equipped as standard.



Type name CLP-200W
Product category Care Label Printer
Printing technology Thermal transfer printing system
Two-sided two-color printing method
Type of thermal Head Edge printing thermal print head
Printing density 305dpi (12dot/mm)
Printing speed 75mm/sec, 100mm/sec, 125mm/sec, 150mm/sec, 200mm/sec
Max. printing width 52mm
Max. printing length 400mm
Label width 15 to 50m
Label length (Height) Max. 200m
Max. label roll diameter 250mm
Ink ribbon Thermal time type
Ink ribbon width 30mm / 40mm / 50mm
Ink ribbon length 250m / 400m
Printing system Printing with 2 Heads, on Windows Driver (for Windows 7/8/10 32/64bit)
Peripheral interface USB2.0
Keyboard "Feed" Key (for 1 Label Feeding), "Restart" Key, "Stop" Key (for Temporal Stop/Release from Error Status)
Power supply 100 V AC/240 V AC, 50/60Hz
External dimensions 702 x 317 x 396 (W/D/H)
Mass 23Kg
Standard issue software Printing condition setting tool
Function Head disconnection check
Ink ribbon save
Optional unit Ultrasonic cutter
Static eliminator

Optional unit

Ultrasonic cutter Static eliminator
Ultrasonic cutter Static eliminator


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Replace platen (83.3MB) Replace thermal head (98.6MB) Replace cutter unit (58.8MB)

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