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High Speed 2-Color Thermal Transfer Label Printer LP-812W


Our High-Speed 2-Color Thermal Transfer Label Printer LP-812W can print on Weather-Proof Synthetic Labels in 2 colors at a high speed.

It prints labels to show detrimental chemical substances which complies with *GHS recommended by the Ministry of Environment. *GHS: Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals
(A globally proposed Rule against detrimental substances)



Type Name LP-812W
Product Category Label Printer
Printing technology Thermal Transfer Printing System
Type of Thermal Head Edge Printing Thermal Print Head
Printing Density 300dpi
Printing Speed 4 inches(101.6mm)/sec, 6 inches(152.4mm)/sec, 8 inches(203.2mm)/sec
Max. Printing Width 216.8mm
Max. Printing Length 550mm
Printing Color In 2-Colors(Red, Black and other colors)
Printing System Printing with 2 Heads, on Windows Driver (for Windows 7/8/10)
Label Feed Sensors Transparent Sensor and/or Reflective Sensor
Peripheral Equipment Connectivity Connective with Label Applicator
Peripheral Interface USB2.0
Keyboard "Feed" Key (for 1 Label Feeding), "Restart" Key, "Stop" Key (for Temporal Stop/Release from Error Status)
Ribbon Saving Function Automatically functioned for 30mm or longer blank area
Power Supply 100 V AC/240 V AC, 50/60Hz
External Dimensions 423 x 393 x 317 (W/D/H)
Mass 27Kg
Label Label Roll/Tag Roll, Synthetic Paper/Normal Plain Paper
Paper Width 100 to 220m
Paper Thickness 0.13 to 0.18mm
Label Length (Height) 50 to 600mm
Max. Label Roll Diameter 250mm
Label Winding Style Outside Wound
Ink Ribbon Thermal Time Type
Ink Ribbon Length 300m (Standard)
Standard Issue Software Printing Condition Setting Tool
Optional Unit Non-Stop Cutter Unit, Backing Paper Rewinding Unit, Rewinding Unit

Optional Unit

Non-Stop Cutter Unit Backing Paper Rewinding Unit Rewinding Unit
Non-Stop Cutter Unit Backing Paper Rewinding Unit Rewinding Unit

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