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Linux Board

Linux Board

We provide Linux Board for Operational Panel for Industrial Machining Tools, Processing Machines, etc.
Using Linux Open Source Environment having LCD, Touch Panel, USB, LAN, Memory Control, etc., individual quick responses to each customer’s product can now be achievable.
By showing various Log data on the LCD Display for Service Personnel, maintenance performance is remarkably enhanced.



CPU R5S77640N300BG SH-4A Core
Operational Frequency: 324 MHz
Computing Performance: CPU (583 MIPS)/FPU (2.3 GFLOPS)
Instruction/Operand Cache: 32 K Byte/32 K Byte
Clock Frequency System Clock: 27 MHz Cristal Oscillator
CPU Clock: 32 MHz
Bus Clock: 108 MHz
Peripheral Clock: 54 MHz
CPU Clock: 32.768 kHz Cristal Oscillator
USB Clock: 48 MHz Cristal Oscillator
Memory Flash ROM 6.4 Mbyte (Spansion S29GL256P90TFIR10 Equivalent)
DRAM 63 Mbyte (SAMSUNG k4S561632F-UC Equivalent x 2
Ethenet Interface CPU Built-in Ethernet Controller
10/100 Base-T 1ch Ethernet Transceiver DP83848J (NS)
USB Interface USB Controller + USB-HUB (µPD720114GA-YEU-A)
USB2.0 HOST 4ch (High/Full/Low Speed Applicable)
LCD Controller LCD Controller incorporated in CPU
Max. Resolution: 1,024 dots x 1,024 dots
Backlight Adjustment Function
Buzzer 1 channel of Buzzer
Serial Interface Serial Interface incorporated in CPU
3 channels of Start-Stop System
RS-232C Transceiver SP232EUCY-L (Sipex)
I2C Interface I2C Interface incorporated in CPU
GPIO Output-Port in 4bits
Input-Port in 12bits
Photo Coupler Interface (TLP211-4) for both Input and Output
Debug Interface H-UDI
RTC S-35190(SII)
External Lithium-Ion Storage Battery
Reset/NMI Equipped with Reset IC
In case of Power Failure, Memory-Backup works by using NMI
(Input Power: 12V or 24V)
Power Supply 5.0V (+/- 5%) or 24V (When using NMI)
Operating Condition Temperature: 0℃ to 50℃, Humidity: 70% (No Condensing)
External Dimensions 120mm x 120mm (W/D)

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