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Technical Services
Technical Services
we can provide
Technical Services
Technical Services We Can Provide
1. Built-in Firmware Design
1) We have developed firmware for varieties of printers.
  • - OS: Non-OS, µ-ITRON, etc.
  • - Firmware development for Printers, Printing Systems, etc.
  • - UV Inkjet Printers, GHS Printers, etc.
2) We also have other technologies in relation to developing and manufacturing printers.
  • - Various types of Tools and Jigs, Inspection Jigs, etc.
  • - Detecting Devices i.e. Carbon Monoxide Detecting Device
  • - Analogue Signal Devices
  • - Image (Line Sensing) Sensors, Image Recognition Technologies
2. Porting Technologies
1) We incorporate LAN, USB, Bluetooth, FAT File Control, etc. into Non-OS based systems.
  • - Thus, we can provide low cost systems.
2) We replace the system designed on µ-ITRON with other types of Microcomputers and also with Linux.
3. Making Effective Use of Real-Time Linux
1) Based on the Micro Chip for Multi-Core/Multi OS, while running Linux, by parallelly running µ-ITRON or Non-OS on other type of Core, Linux Processing can be parallelly done while doing Real-Time Processing.
2) Micro Chips such as i.MX7 can be used.
3) As Real-Time Processing that Linux lacks can be done, Systems previously operating on µ-ITRON or Non-OS can be operated on Linux.
4. IoT
1) We provide IoT Environments using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gateway, etc.

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